Trauma is the leading cause of preventable death in The United States. 

Minutes count! Someone who is severely bleeding can bleed to death in as little as 5 minutes. That’s why bleeding control—keeping the blood inside the body—is the purpose of STOP THE BLEED® training.


The University of Arizona Emergency Medical Services is proud to partner with the American College of Surgeons and the Department of Defense to be an official provider of STOP THE BLEED® training. 

STOP THE BLEED® training is open to any member of The University of Arizona community and private classes can be scheduled for departments or campus organizations. 

All STOP THE BLEED® training is offered at no cost.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a STOP THE BLEED course?

Most STOP THE BLEED® courses last no more than 90 minutes. A formal presentation is followed by hands-on practice of applying direct pressure, packing a wound, and using a tourniquet to stop bleeding.

Who can take a STOP THE BLEED course?

ANYONE! The courses are open to any member of The University of Arizona community. No formal or prior medical training or experience is required.

Why should I take a STOP THE BLEED course?

A bleeding injury can happen anywhere. We've all seen it happen too often—on the news or in everyday life. Life-threatening bleeding can happen in people injured in serious accidents or disasters. Instead of being a witness, you can become an immediate responder because you know how to STOP THE BLEED®.

If you would like to schedule a STOP THE BLEED® course for a group, organization, or club larger than 5 participants please reach out to us by email.


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